Schooling from Home

Kudos to all parents who are doing all they can to ensure their children’s education continues in spite of the lockdown.

It is interesting to see how much more teachers are appreciated by the parents when the roles are reversed. It is not easy keeping in mind the parents are also working from home and have to achieve their targets too.

I would be lying if I say I have not had my fair of challenges doing this; I am however lucky that the kids are still young so the workload is not that much. But getting them to adapt to the new schedule and understand that its not homework but actual schoolwork they could have been doing in class has not been an easy task.

Weekly zoom classes have been great for them to catch up with their teachers and see their friends; their excitement every Wednesday is palpable!

I am actually not that bad at this right?
This is me every morning when they just do not want to get started on their school work. Sigh.

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