What’s for Breakfast?

I was watching a tv show the other day that featured a place in Mexico that serves the “World’s best breakfast” and it did look really delish.

What I love most about this first meal of the day is there are no rules. You can have tea, coffee, last night’s leftovers; whatever tickles your fancy to fuel you at the start of the day. But please do not go without it.

Standard breakfast fare here ranges from oats; be they soaked overnight, cooked in the microwave or on the stovetop. I am an oats fan. Granola too with some greek yoghurt is a fast and delicious fix for the week days when you cannot afford to linger over breakfast. Puffed amaranth is also a fav but I am yet to get some here. Rice porridge is becoming a staple too as rice flour is abundant here.

Traditional breakfast options include steamed matoke (green bananas) then topped with a groundnut sauce. Boiled or roasted arrowroot/ yams, sweet potatoes, or porridge.

Weekend breakfasts for us are mostly hash mixes, using potatoes, sweet potatoes or even plantains; whatever seems to be on hand at the time. Fruit options are fresh fruit juice, sliced pineapples and caramelized apples or caramelized bananas are great pancake fillings too. For protein, smoothies work well, with nuts, seeds and fruits to top. And eggs as omelettes, scrambled, or poached. And pancakes also feature quite often.

What is your preferred breakfast? Heavy or light? Sweet or savoury? The options are unlimited. This is one meal that should never be skipped.

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