Flashback Friday

Today’s #FBF post is to the one of the times we had friends over. I miss that.

What are some of the dishes you always prepare when entertaining? For the Ugandan friends we have visited, matooke (mashed green bananas) and groundnut sauce never fail to feature. I love the groundnut sauce and it is one of those things I am sure even if I learn how to do it , will not be as tasty as the real deal. The best though is Fish luwombo. Where smoked fish is added to a yummy groundnut sauce that is then steamed and served wrapped in banana leaves. This is one of the most delicious meals I have ever tasted and it is quite healthy too. You can also make Luwombo with mushrooms, chicken or beef but I prefer the fish Luwombo.

Since I have no idea how to make this dish, I have been cooking my usual go to meal for many I used to make back home when having people over.

I usually have three starches, two proteins, two vegetable dishes and fruit slices. My starches are usually rice, which can be spiced in different ways, roasted potatoes have to feature (given my obvious love for the tuber) and flatbread, could be naan, chapati, any kind depending also on the number of people I am expecting as I don’t want to slave on the stove all morning making chapati. My favorite meat dish is a lovely goat curry Either dry or saucy. I use this recipe from Kaluhi’s kitchen though change it up sometimes as I fancy. I can also have chicken either fried or stewed. The vegetable, salads and Fruits depends on what is in season.

Since we had a number of kids over, I did mayo ketchup chicken wings and roasted potatoes with mixed herbs and olive oil.

Mayo chicken wings and herb roasted potatoes.

Other dishes were a flat bread recipe from cookitrealgood.com, it is an easy and quick recipe and the bread is yummy and fluffy. The two salads were coleslaw and a cucumber, tomato and onion salad, and the veggies were buttered peas with sweet corn and coloured peppers. The best things about these dishes is that you can prep everything well in advance and they can be made low and slow in case your guests don’t know how to keep time. LOL.

For dessert, fruit slices come in handy for a crowd. Pineapple slices and melon wedges, oranges, bananas etc that are also easy for kids to eat. And may I also say the sweetest pineapples are found in Kampala. I never liked pineapples much but I cannot get enough of them now.

Here are some tips if you are cooking alone I got from a chef friend years ago. One, don’t stress. Two, cook only what you can manage; don’t get carried away with too much variety, Three, use what is in season. It is also much easier on your pocket. Four, marinate all your meats overnight, and last but not least, Prep prep prep. If you can, chop, slice and dice all the vegetables needed the night before and store in airtight containers in the fridge. And in the morning all you have to prepare is the rice dish, potatoes and flatbread. For the rice I usually soak then parboil first. That way it cooks well and doesn’t clump.

Salads, chicken wings, buttered peans and sweet corn, goat curry and coconut cashew rice.

What is your go to meal when cooking alone for many people?

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