My Perfect Stewed Matoke!

Matoke, matooke or green bananas. Bananas people, not plantains. Yes, there is a difference. Here is a good explanation. Matoke aka green bananas are a popular dish in East Africa and each region has their own special way of making them. Here in Uganda, tooke is mostly steamed in banana leaves and served in groundnut sauce, with vegetables or meat. Or as a breakfast dish called “katogo” which is stewed bananas with vegetables or offal. Very yummy. In Tanzania, it is made into a porridge for breastfeeding mums and even as a beer in some parts of the country. In Kenya, it is mostly stewed with potatoes, vegetables and beef or goat meat.

I have fond memories of my mother making Kenyan style matoke as a weekday meal. Think we had it on Tuesdays or Thursdays, can’t remember clearly. LOL

This is my attempt at making it and though I cannot replicate her recipe, I can perfect my own right? Let’s get started.

List of ingredients

All we need, only the meat is missing here.
  1. 250 g beef, chopped and boiled, set aside with its broth.
  2. Green bananas about 16 small pieces.
  3. 1kg Irish potatoes (optional)
  4. I green capsicum (pilipili hoho)
  5. I tbsp tomato paste
  6. Two large tomatoes
  7. 3 onions
  8. 1 bunch coriander
  9. 1 medium courgette
  10. Four cloves garlic
  11. Thumb sized piece of fresh ginger
  12. Ground spices ; turmeric, ground cumin powder
  13. Cooking oil
  14. salt and pepper to taste

The method.

Crush your ginger and garlic into a paste, set aside.
Boil your beef in one tbsp of crushed ginger garlic paste.
Grate your onion, tomatoes, capsicum and courgette and set aside. Chop the coriander and add the stalks to the green veggie mix.
Peel, clean and chop your potatoes and bananas.

Green bananas are not the easiest to peel, as they leave a slimy, sticky residue on your hands and your knife. You can wear gloves if you want, or apply some vaseline on your palms before peeling them. Or peel them under running water.

Heat 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil in a large saucepan and sauté your onions till soft.
Add the ginger garlic paste, mix well then add the coriander stalks, grated green pepper and grated courgette, mix well.
Add your tablespoon of tomato paste. mix well and let it cook a bit then add your ground spices.
After the spices are cooked, and releasing their aroma, add the grated tomato. Mix and cover and let the tomatoes cook down.
Once your tomatoes are cooked down, add your boiled meat to the tomato sauce. You can tell the tomatoes are cooked when the oil starts leaving the sides of the pan.
Now add the potatoes and mix well. Cover and cook for about ten minutes.

A lot of people add the potatoes and bananas together. I did not as the potatoes take longer to cook and I do not want the bananas to get mushy.

After ten minutes, add your bananas, and the broth you had set aside after boiling the beef. If not enough, you can add some water but not too much. Check for seasoning, bring to the boil and cover and cook for 15 minutes on medium low.

You do not have to add meat or even boil the beef, you can fry it directly and use other spices. You can even use peanut butter, coconut milk, whatever you fancy when making this dish YOUR way.

My yummy perfect stewed matooke is ready! Just garnish with the chopped coriander and squeeze some lemon juice. Then serve hot.
I sprinkled some ground chilli as I like it hot.

Comfort food at it’s best! Try it and enjoy!

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