Mūkimo ya Minji and Stir Fried Vegetables.

This is another mashed dish also known as ‘Irio’ in my mother tongue. ‘Minji’ is what we call green peas. Mūkimo is a central Kenyan traditional dish that’s a mash of boiled potatoes, pumpkin leaves, maize, and either beans or peas. It is a delicious, filling and comforting meal that just reminds me of my childhood. I have tried to be as authentic as possible making it; hope I make my Mother proud.

Let’s get started.

For the mūkimo, our ingredients are one cup each of boiled maize, green peas (or boiled beans), potatoes and some pumpkin leaves. For the vegetables, half a red cabbage, one capsicum each, green, red and yellow, one small courgette, one onion, one carrot sliced.

Peel and clean your potatoes. Set aside. Now prepare the pumpkin leaves by removing the stalks and ‘webbing’ on the leaves. Clean them well, chop roughly and boil for 5 -7minutes. Drain and set aside.

You can blend or use a food processor to puree the pumpkin leaves if you want.

Boil potatoes in salted water till tender.
When the potatoes are fully cooked, drain and add your pumpkin leaves and already boiled maize and peas.

Now mash them all together until it’s a soft mash.

You can add some fried red or spring onions for added flavor.

Cover the mash and keep hot as you sauté your vegetable accompaniments.

Vegetables used were onion, red, yellow and green capsicum, red cabbage, carrot and courgette. Slice them as per your preference.
I added some bacon to the veggies for some extra flavor.
Heat a pan. Add the bacon and let it render its fat.
Drain the grease till you have a little oil left. You can use the drained bacon grease to fry the onions for the mash. Yum!

Increase the heat and add all the veggies. Mix well.

Let them cook on high heat till they soften a bit but don’t overcook. Season with salt and pepper, mix well and switch off the heat.

The best thing about this dish is you can have it with any accompaniment you choose. It kicks well with a nice beef stew, chicken stew or stir fried vegetables if you don’t want any meat.

It’s also quite healthy. Pumpkin leaves are very nutritious; they are rich in essential vitamins, iron and fiber. Just don’t over cook them. The sautéed vegetables are all rich in antioxidants and vitamins too. This is a great vegetarian meal too when you omit the bacon.

What’s not to love about colourful food?

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