Weekend Recap: Visit to Entebbe Botanical Gardens.

The Entebbe Botanical Gardens are a 40 hectare big and fun way to experience the jungle without having to go to the forest.

It is a vast, beautiful ground full of tall trees, vast birdlife, plants species that are both indigenous and exotic and monkeys too!

Pros: It is beautiful, quiet, vast; so many places one can hide away. You can have a picnic, photoshoot and even wedding receptions. It is right on the shores of Lake Nam Lolwe (aka Lake Victoria), abundant plants and shrubs of medicinal value and nice springs flowing through some sections. It is safe; folks just minding their own business. There is lots of space for kids to run around and kick a ball or play hide and seek, you can also walk your dogs there. You can choose to drive around or walk around.

Cons: Not well kept. There were absolutely no dustbins-so there was littering in some sections. No signage on the paths. No usable ablution blocks.

This spring flows from underground to the lake. Peaceful and calming.

Fun fact: Some backdrop scenes from the 1955 Tarzan movie “Tarzan’s Hidden Jungle” were shot in these gardens! Yep!Look it up.

Look at the size of this African Grape tree!

It was not very busy when we visited, maybe as we are still coming out of lockdown here. Entrance charges came to 10,000UGX for two adults, two kids (less than 3 dollars)! Which is pretty affordable.

You can walk or drive slowly around the place. There are plenty of choice spots you can pick to park, stretch your picnic blanket and enjoy your lunch before or after exploring the place a bit. I do not know if they allow cyclists as there was no signage but it would be worth looking into.

There are also some small bandas with benches one can sit on but they are not clean or well maintained.

A bush candle tree, I think.
The weather was also perfect for a walk in the gardens.
There was a private photoshoot down this path so we didn’t go down there. It would make a perfect scene for a movie set in the jungle.
It would be nice to have some signage on the paths.
There were some dogs chasing a squirrel. Kids found this so exciting. The monkeys were quite shy though, I didn’t manage to get some clear photos.
So serene.

We were not able to explore the whole place well, so will definitely be back.

The gardens are a must visit in Entebbe, and I really hope they make more effort in maintaining the beauty and cleanliness of the place.

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