Weekend Cuisine: Mother’s Mix N Mash.

This is one of those dishes you don’t know how to really name in English. It’s not quite mashed potatoes. Mashed tubers? Mashed yams? None come close to describing it.

I have already shared several ‘Mūkimo’ recipes here and this is another one.I call this specific dish ‘Mūkimo wa Mami’ meaning Mum’s Mūkimo,in my mother tongue, Mum in this case being my Mother in law.

She loves making this dish served with some sautéed vegetables or a stew on the side. (Now I’m missing home 😭😭). My Mother in law is an awesome cook and I can’t match her cooking prowess; to be honest this is the only one of her recipes I have dared to attempt as the rest are just better and tastier when she makes them herself.

Can you even be a better cook than your Mama? Nope!

This dish is also one of my best comfort foods. We grow arrowroots, potatoes and green bananas back home and there is nothing as satisfying as eating what you have grown and harvested yourself.

We may not be home at the moment but easy access to fresh groceries in Kampala has seen me making this dish quite a few times to remind us of home. Let’s get started:-

We will need arrowroots, pumpkin, green bananas and potatoes.
Peel, clean and chop your vegetables.
In a deep saucepan, add some oil, then sauté some green onion and grated ginger.
Add the potatoes. I added them first as this kind I had takes longer to cook. If you have the floury potatoes you can add them together with the rest of the vegetables. Don’t forget to season with salt and pepper.
Add the rest and add some vegetable broth or water to cover. Cover and cook till ready then mash same way we do the Mūkimo. You can use a potato masher or a Mwiko ( which I heard CarreFour refers to as ‘exotic wooden cooking stick’ 🤣
You can make the mash as smooth as you want or a bit chunky, it’s up to you.

The meal does not need spices as the pumpkin offers sweetness, the arrowroot has its own earthy flavour and the green banana and Irish potatoes hold their own flavour quite well too.

Serve it with your meat or sauce of choice. Here we had with with some fried eggplant and pork. Yummy!!

Now I’m off to make some as I’m feeling a bit homesick.

Try it and let me know how it turned out.

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