Tasty Kenyan Beef Stew

Beef stew is a classic Kenyan dish. Cubes of beef cooked with onions, garlic, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes and various spices are combined to create a tasty and hearty stew that goes well with chapati, ugali or rice.

Every household has its own way of making it. Where I come from, potatoes, peas and carrots are a must. And the dish is served hot with some steamed cabbage on the side.

This here is my version of a dish that I love and is also on my list of top comfort foods that remind me of my childhood.

Ingredients: 500g Beef cut in chunks, 3 large potatoes cubed, 2 chopped tomatoes, 2 sliced carrots, 1/2 tbsp tomato paste, I tbsp ginger garlic paste, I large chopped onion, 1.5 tsp Kenyan curry powder, coriander to garnish, salt and pepper to taste.
Add your chopped onions to the same pan and cook till soft and a bit brown.

Add your garlic ginger paste, stir well then add the curry powder. Mix well to avoid burning then add the tomatoes. Cover and let the tomatoes cook through before adding the meat you had set aside.

Add the meat …

Now, there are many memes and jokes made about how much my fellow Kenyans from the Mt. Kenya region like our stews soupy. This is my PSA; Please do not, I repeat DO NOT add too much water. In fact add half a cup and if it’s too little just a bit more.

Below are some images from the internet that folks like making fun of us cooking with.

Back to our stew, let it come to a boil, then reduce heat, cover and simmer for about 40-60 minutes.

When the meat is cooked and soft, and the sauce thick to your liking. Switch off, stir in the coriander and serve hot with rice, chapati or ugali.

It is perfect with some steamed Kenyan Mwea Pishori rice which is medium grained but very aromatic. However, I didn’t have some when I made this so just served it with some basmati rice and steamed cabbage on the side. Still delicious!

As always a reminder, this is how I make my beef stew, everyone has their own version. A lot of people add bouillon cubes, I didn’t as I don’t use them at all. You can personalise it your way and add green peppers, courgettes or peas to this and it will still be tasty. Try it and Enjoy!

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