Creamy Tuna, Courgette and Pasta salad.

Now that’s schools are open (virtually here), we are back to a different order. Being home with the kids makes me their teachers’ assistants and let me tell you I’ve been shuffling from one room to another to assist my little ones it’s hard to get a moment to just sit. I’m happy though. I’m not complaining as I know it’s a privilege to be able to do this with them.

We’re back to snacking between classes and school lunches. The kids used to carry lunch from home so I’ve been trying to make those meals too. Leftovers as well as quick to put together tasty meals that can be made ahead are always a life saver.

This simple pasta salad is well loved in this household when we go for picnics too. It’s simple to make, tasty and best of all, makes use of what you already have in the pantry or fridge. 🤗

Tomatoes, onion, dhania, grated courgette …
One can of tuna drained. ….
Also used some mustard and of course salt and pepper (not in pic)

I used shell pasta. You can use any short cut pasta you have. Remember this is to be quick and easy.

Prepare your pasta as per instructions on the pack, drain and set aside to cool as you prepare your other ingredients.

It’s a simple slam dunk affair!! Just be careful before adding salt. Taste and check if it needs extra seasoning. Mix well and chill till ready to serve.
I love adding chili powder to mine.
It’s so tasty and a great way to load on those colorful veggies right?

Do you like pasta salad? What do you add to yours?

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