Simple Green Banana (Matoke) Breakfast.

Oh yes!! Another green banana recipe. Have I gone bananas? Maybe!

The first time I posted pictures of this meal on my social media, there were requests for the recipe and here goes.

It’s so simple and tasty, healthy and filling, what’s not to love about it for a great way to start your day?

Our ingredients are one small bunch of Matoke aka green bananas. A pinch of turmeric, chopped garlic and one onion, chopped. Salt and pepper, milk and smooth peanut butter. I don’t have exact quantities for this as I usually just eyeball depending on how many people I’m making this for.

Method: peel matoke and clean, but leave them whole, boil water with salt and turmeric. Add the green bananas and let them boil till cooked but still firm , takes few minutes don’t let them get soft. Drain and set aside.

They get a lovely yellow colour and smell so good.

In a small bowl mix 2 tablespoons of smooth peanut butter with half a cup of milk until it’s a smooth thick liquid. Heat your pan. Add very little vegetable oil. Very little oil (kidogo sana), then fry your onions and garlic.

Add the peanut and milk sauce and let it boil then reduce heat to low.

Add the bananas, cook for five minutes then serve with dhania on top bas!!

*the sauce will thicken when ready if it’s too thick you can add water.

Yummy Matoke.

This is another must try dish and you can have it for lunch or a quick meal too, not just for breakfast. Try it and let me know what you think about it.

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