I just came across one of the first entries from my actual Kampala Notebook, dated 6th December 2019. We had just moved and Hubs had to travel for a couple of weeks. We were housed in a furnished apartment but imagine no friends yet, no kids ours could be friends with and not knowing our way around?  Little did we know this time in a kind of isolated bubble was a preamble to our life under lockdown. Isn’t it amazing how fast the world has changed since then? Here is part of the entry:- “My little princess just turned 7! No party as her Dad is still away on work travels. We are also yet to move into what will be our house while we are here. I fell in love with it the minute I saw it. I call it “Casa Gialla.” it is indeed a yellow house, beautiful and big enough for us. And it comes with quite a big compound and three lovely dogs. 
I love how the sun plays on this side of the house in the afternoons.
The garden is beautiful and big enough for us to play in and even workout in. Should try a camp out one of these days.
Here are two of our new babies:-)
Baby girl is feeling bad about having no party but we are yet to make new friends here so it will have to wait. They begin school in January so it is going to be a long holiday for the kids, but at least they play so well together and don’t get bored of each other’s company; something I am very grateful for.  I have however been having bouts of sadness loneliness and a kind of apprehensiveness I can’t place my finger on.  Increasing irritability and impatience with the kids – is it because we are together the WHOLE time? I have also been checking on various Masters programs I can enrol in the new year. Mama has to get back on track when the kids start school. A few months later and Coronavirus has ensured we are in lockdown. Sigh.

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