Meatless Monday: Lentil Balls in Peanut Sauce.

This recipe is similar to this one with a few differences when it comes to flavour.

I used whole masoor dal, which we call “kamande” in my mother tongue as it’s an easily available, affordable and tasty source of protein that holds its shape well and blends well with whichever spices you choose to cook it with. In this case I used a store bought mixed spices blend.

It contains cinnamon, coriander seeds, nutmeg, cardamoms, cloves, ginger and bay leaves.
Our ingredients are 2 cups of already boiled lentils, salt, pepper, one grated raw potato, a pinch of paprika, a tsp of the mixed spice blend, a pinch of turmeric, some garlic powder and 2tbsp of all purpose flour. You can also use breadcrumbs.
Mix well in a bowl and roll into little balls.
Fry the balls in hot oil. Do it in batches to ensure even browning and crispiness.
It never hurts to taste one and check for seasoning.
In a large sauce pan, heat a tablespoon of oil and sauté one chopped onion till soft.
Add one tbsp of the mixed spice blend and let it cook before adding two chopped tomatoes and a tbsp of tomato paste. Mix well, lower the heat and cover. Let the tomato mixture cook down till the tomatoes are mushy and the oil leaves the side of the pan.

As the tomatoes cook, add two tablespoons of good quality peanut butter in a cup of cold water. Mix well till the peanut butter is completely dissolved.

Add the peanut butter solution to the tomato sauce and mix well. Let cook a bit and if it’s too thick just add some water. Ensure it doesn’t burn.

Tip: When seasoning keep in mind how salty or sweet the peanut butter you are using is, as you do not want your dish to be too salty.

Add the lentil balls into the peanut and tomato sauce. Cover and simmer for about ten minutes till the balls are heated through. Keep the heat low throughout so the sauce does not burn and stick to the bottom of the pot.
You will know it is ready when the sauce is thickened and the balls are heated through. Garnish with coriander leaves.
It’s best served with some steamed rice that will balance out the rich and creamy flavour of the sauce.

If you are looking for a decadent, tasty, finger licking vegetarian recipe, this is it. The kids and anyone else you make this for will love it.

The “meatless meatballs” hold their shape really well and the grated potato and breadcrumbs help maintain their crispiness. The lentils are full of flavour and have a meaty texture that will please the palate.

Vegetables are not boring and this is one way to jazz them up when feeling indulgent. Go on and give this recipe a try.

Colorful, tasty and filling just the way I like it. 😋

Perfect for #meatlessmonday right?

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