Chicken Curry in a Hurry.

Here is a simple, but oh so creamy, and tasty coconut chicken curry that is perfect for a quick weeknight dinner for the family.

It uses your pantry staples; so you do not need to worry about complicated shopping, and I dare say it’s restaurant quality in terms of richness, flavour and visual appeal.

For our ingredients we shall need, chicken breast, cubed. chopped onion, shopped tomato, tomato paste, ginger garlic paste, coconut cream, coriander, ground turmeric, a pinch of red chilli powder, and Kenyan curry powder.

Sprinkle some salt and freshly ground pepper on your chicken cubes.

Heat your pan, add some oil, once hot, sear the chicken on high heat till golden brown. This is to seal the moisture; do not let it cook through, set aside.

In the same pan, add more oil if needed.

Fry onion till soft and add the ginger garlic paste, then the ground spices. Let them cook well before adding tomatoes, which you will also cook down.

Add the chicken and mix in well into the tomato and onion mix.

Chicken breast cooks really fast, so you do not want to overcook it.

Add the coconut cream, cover and simmer for about 10-15 minutes for the chicken to cook through and absorb the curry flavours.

Once ready, garnish with coriander and serve hot.
Creamy, luscious, colourful, quick and easy to make and finger licking good.

Best served with some naan. Or?



Chicken in Lemon and Garlic 😋

This is one of my favorite chicken recipes! It is too easy, quick and delicious and did I mention how yummy it is? It is so delicious that you’d better have it with a plain starch so you can enjoy the lovely flavors.

You can have it with ugali/posho, plain steamed rice, or West African Fufu.

I came across this recipe many years ago when I was still in college in a cookbook that featured recipes from all over Africa. Unfortunately I cannot remember the name of the book or author, but I remember the recipe so let’s get started!

Ingredients: 1 whole chicken, chopped into pieces. I used legs and thighs and removed the skin. You don’t have to do so though. Three medium onions cut in quarters, 12 whole cloves of garlic, juice of three large lemons, salt and black pepper, 1/4 cup vegetable oil and a cup of water.
Mix them well in a bowl, cover and let marinate in the refrigerator overnight or for at least a couple of hours. The longer the marination the better.
Heat your pan till very hot then add your chicken. Let it brown a little.
Add the onions and garlic from the marinade, mix well and let cook till they soften
Once the garlic is really soft, add the liquid part of the marinade. Cover and simmer for 25 minutes or more till the chicken is cooked and sauce is reduced.

See? Such a simple recipe.

For the salad, a simple kachumbari will suffice.

Ingredients are a small onion, one large tomato, a small bunch of coriander, a cucumber, one lemon, salt and pepper to taste and 1/2 tsp of chat masala.
Chop all your ingredients and mix well together. I peeled and deseeded the cucumber; personal choice though. Squeeze some lemon juice, cover and chill.

Starch of choice; oven baked plantain fries and some leftover lemongrass flavoured rice.

Peel and slice your plantains into fries shape, toss in some oil, salt and bake.
Final plate: plantain fries, rice and chicken with kachumbari. Yum 😋

The chicken holds the marinade flavors really well hence the need to have it with a starch that’s not too spicy. And it’s best to have the chicken marinate overnight.

Try it and enjoy!