Who’s a Naughty Dog?

So, the below happened some weeks ago.

I could hear one of the dogs chewing something outside but I did not imagine it would be my beloved exercise mat!

It was funny though how the dog in question saw me, walked away from the mat and came towards me with her head hanging in shame, or so I assumed.

Is this Tonella’s attempt at placating me or is she just trying to win me over to feel sorry for her?

I have now noticed she does tug on clothes on the line too. Not all clothes though, just one of my favourite dresses and one of H’s shirts. I kid you not. Whenever I wear that dress it has to be washed twice and the same applies to H’s Barcelona FC shirt. I do not know why she does it to only those two items of clothing and nothing else. I have also noticed she always comes closer to me than usual when I wear the same dress. So what does the colour blue do to her? I even went online to check and it seems the colour is attractive to dogs. Key word; seems. I don’t buy it though. I do not want to call her a bad doggie but this doggie girl is the only one out of the three who is usually up to no good behaviour.

Missing a shoe? A chewed sandal? A wrecked flower bed? No guesses as to who the culprit is. Funny thing though is since I left the torn mat out where she can reach it, she is no longer so keen on ripping it up anymore. So what is it Tonella huh? What is it about the colour blue that aggravates you so?

The kids found this hilarious. Ok, so maybe it was an old mat, I still loved it !