I just came across one of the first entries from my actual Kampala Notebook, dated 6th December 2019. We had just moved and Hubs had to travel for a couple of weeks. We were housed in a furnished apartment but imagine no friends yet, no kids ours could be friends with and not knowing our way around?  Little did we know this time in a kind of isolated bubble was a preamble to our life under lockdown. Isn’t it amazing how fast the world has changed since then? Here is part of the entry:- “My little princess just turned 7! No party as her Dad is still away on work travels. We are also yet to move into what will be our house while we are here. I fell in love with it the minute I saw it. I call it “Casa Gialla.” it is indeed a yellow house, beautiful and big enough for us. And it comes with quite a big compound and three lovely dogs. 
I love how the sun plays on this side of the house in the afternoons.
The garden is beautiful and big enough for us to play in and even workout in. Should try a camp out one of these days.
Here are two of our new babies:-)
Baby girl is feeling bad about having no party but we are yet to make new friends here so it will have to wait. They begin school in January so it is going to be a long holiday for the kids, but at least they play so well together and don’t get bored of each other’s company; something I am very grateful for.  I have however been having bouts of sadness loneliness and a kind of apprehensiveness I can’t place my finger on.  Increasing irritability and impatience with the kids – is it because we are together the WHOLE time? I have also been checking on various Masters programs I can enrol in the new year. Mama has to get back on track when the kids start school. A few months later and Coronavirus has ensured we are in lockdown. Sigh.

Coming out of lockdown…

Would you believe it has been two months of living in lockdown here?

The country is opening up albeit slowly with partial allowances for movement. Personal vehicles are now allowed on the road, but no more than three people in the vehicle, and the public transport vehicles are yet to get back. Masks to be worn at all times when out. Schools are still closed too.

I took a short drive the other day just around our neighbourhood. Well, lots of people were not wearing masks and there were some motorbike taxis out too. Was I shocked? A bit. I know not all folks can access the masks or stay indoors and also the fact that there is no community transmission that we know of YET, could be why some folks seem to be taking it easy.

A lot of people from other places seem to think the approach taken here is working. Time will tell though. The thing about Corona is nobody can be fully prepared or be able to predict its actuality. To say this virus sucks is an understatement. It is taking lives, halting livelihoods, crushing economies as we watch and the health, social and economic implications will be felt for a long time.

One of my major worries is kids and school. What will happen to the kids? Teachers? other staff? Keeping in mind close physical interaction is a big nope; how will our kids play with each other? What if one kid or a teacher falls sick? What happens then?

How are our kids taking all this in? I was surprised the other day when my seven year old daughter used the word pandemic when playing with her six year old brother. We don’t watch news avidly but they are already catching up with the lingo. When they ask about visiting friends or places its always “after Covid, can we….?” My son keeps asking when Corona will end and if it will ever go away ? They also ask if they will be wearing masks forever ? Sigh, so many questions we don’t have answers to.

My kids have been making masks for their toys too- Sad.

It is not easy to talk to our children about it but we have to. And we have to do it in a way that does not scare them. Having a schedule has been working to keep their mind and bodies busy. Not too rigid but something to give this time at home some semblance of normalcy.

Now to talk to them about the changes; that yes, we can move around a bit but still cannot access some places or have people over. Still can’t give hugs and handshakes, keep masks on when out etc.

What kind of a life is this though?

Schooling from Home

Kudos to all parents who are doing all they can to ensure their children’s education continues in spite of the lockdown.

It is interesting to see how much more teachers are appreciated by the parents when the roles are reversed. It is not easy keeping in mind the parents are also working from home and have to achieve their targets too.

I would be lying if I say I have not had my fair of challenges doing this; I am however lucky that the kids are still young so the workload is not that much. But getting them to adapt to the new schedule and understand that its not homework but actual schoolwork they could have been doing in class has not been an easy task.

Weekly zoom classes have been great for them to catch up with their teachers and see their friends; their excitement every Wednesday is palpable!

I am actually not that bad at this right?
This is me every morning when they just do not want to get started on their school work. Sigh.