Stove top Bread and Beef mince stew.

I do not bake much here as I have a temperamental oven that I am yet to fully understand.

But there are times when the bread craving kicks in so bad and you just have to give in. Lucky for me I came across a simple but tasty recipe from A Kitchen in Uganda, find the recipe here. She has other amazing recipes that I have been trying out bit by bit over the years.

I did not change the recipe much; used grated carrot, onion and some chives as I didn’t have green pepper at the time.

Steaming the bread
Final results and yes, I burnt some a bit, but not bad for a first try.

The bread is quite fluffy and delicious, and a hit with the kids. I will be sure to try it out again too and be more attentive. LOL.

We had them for a midweek dinner with some mince meat stew.

l learnt a tip the other day, add a tablespoon of water in your mince before you cook, mixing well. The mince absorbs the water as it breaks down hence no big chunks when cooking. I tried it in this recipe and it works.

I didn’t use many spices here just I tsp ginger and garlic, crushed, 1/4 tsp turmeric, 1 tsp Dhana jeera powder, salt and pepper to taste.

Fry onions well, add ginger garlic and spices mix well then add tomatoes and cover and cook on low, then add the mince and cover and let it cook on medium low heat. Add your peas last. Check for seasoning and serve hot.
I added some peas and one chopped potato to bulk it up a bit.

This is a perfect midweek supper meal that’s quite easy to put together and a pleasant change from usual pasta and rice for the mince meat stew.

Definitely worth a try!

Quarantine baking.

This quarantine period has seen many people attempt to bake from home all over the world. It is so bad in some places that there are flour, sugar and yeast shortages because of it!

I am no bread baker, preferring to limit my great baking talents to banana bread and roasting vegetables, can’t mess that up right? In spite of having a gas oven that I can barely understand and not owning an oven thermometer I decided to give in to the bug and attempt to bake a loaf. I used the below recipe shared on an online baking group.

I used all purpose flour. And followed the recipe to get this lovely loaf that was so delicious.

Not bad for a first attempt right?

Now the bug really bit and I had to try some dinner rolls too.

I used the recipe from Chef Lola on YouTube here.

Had the rolls with some lovely pumpkin soup. Divine!

And because we have plantains in plenty here, I decided to bake some plantain bread on the stovetop using a double sided pan. I was quite happy with the outcome. This is the recipe I used. Pour the batter on the greased pan and cover. Place on a tawa or cast iron flat pan on medium low heat and bake for about 35 minutes then flip to brown evenly on both sides. Let bake for about 10-15 minutes.

Yummy Plantain bread, best way to deal with overripe plantains.

What have you been baking during the lockdown period?